After a week testing a Qashqai, John Jenkins wanted to buy the car rather than hand the keys back
16 September 2016

Swansea resident John Jenkins has a job that involves spending much of his time cruising the motorways and A roads of Britain. As a result, he needs a car that is comfortable and easy to drive.

John is considering a new car to replace his current Audi Q3, and is keen to find out which machines will really work given his job and lifestyle. But it’s incredibly difficult to find that out during a normal test drive.

John’s not alone. To really know if a new car is right for you, it helps to live with it for a prolonged period of time. For that reason, Nissan agreed to give several Autocar readers the chance to live with a Qashqai for an extended seven-day test drive. The readers selected to participate recorded their experiences of the car in a video diary using an iPad, and the resulting videos reflect their honest opinions.

John was particularly impressed with the level of technology in the Qashqai, notably the traffic sign warning system and 360 degree AVM reversing camera. And he was also taken by the comfort the Qashqai offered. “My car for me is a mobile office,” he said. “In the Qashqai I really do feel as if I’m sitting in my armchair at home.”

So how impressed was John after a week with the Qashqai? “I actually phoned up Nissan and asked if I could buy the car,” he admitted. 

For more information on the Nissan Qashqai, click here.

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