Currently reading: Promoted: How to fit 15,000 balls in a Skoda Superb
The Superb’s cavernous interior can handle just about anything – including several crates of plastic balls

The new Superb is longer and wider than the previous model, making it one of the largest cars in its class - in fact, it's large enough to house 15,000 green balls.

While there aren't many occasions where you'll actually want to fill a car with several buckets of balls, the demonstration in the video below does showcase just how big the interior of the new Superb is. And the Czech marque’s designers have set out to make that space as practical and useful as possible.

The boot has a capacity of 660 litres, and that can be expanded to 1950 litres when the rear seats are folded.

Several features on the Superb are designed to make that space easy to access and use. These include Virtual Pedal, which allows you to open the boot simply by swiping your feet underneath the rear bumper.

There is also plenty of room for both driver and passengers, with several features to make that space as comfortable as possible.

To take a closer look at the interior of the Superb, including that (entirely unscientific) demonstration including those previously mentioned 15,000 green balls, just watch this video.

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