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The next Volkswagen Golf, due later this year, will be leaner, safer and more economical
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13 February 2012

The Volkswagen Golf Mk7 will blast in later this year as a leaner, safer, more economical car packed with technology usually associated with luxury models.

The all-new 2013 Volkswagen Golf hatch will be available with a wider range of powertrains than today’s model, including a plug-in hybrid good for 243bhp and more than 50mpg, an electric model and a super-clean version fuelled by natural gas. The car is expected to be unveiled at the Paris show in September, before going on sale early next year.

Mainstream models will be powered by a completely new family of downsized petrol engines (codenamed EA211) and super-frugal diesel units (EA288). The range-topping non-GTD 2.0 diesel is good for 181bhp and 280lb ft (there’s also a twin-turbo 220bhp version on test for the GTD) and the most powerful 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine gets 138bhp and cylinder deactivation for increased economy. The larger petrol engines (EA888) will be sized at 1.8 and 2.0 litres.

The new Golf GTI — expected to be powered by a 260bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine — also promises to set new standards for hot hatches. Sporting the new VAQ electronically controlled front diff, it will, VW claims, delivers much “more agile steering behaviour” and a much greater sense of precision through the wheel. According to VW, a VAQ-equipped Golf has lapped the Nürburgring 8.0sec faster than prototypes with a conventional differential.

Next Volkswagen Golf's underpinnings revealed

All-wheel drive will be an option on the Golf’s new MQB platform, as will an updated version of VW’s Dynamic Chassis Control active dampers.

Volkwagen is promising to roll out a lightweight version of the Golf Mk7, with aluminium for the floor pressings, boot floor and windscreen base. Company sources would not say which models will get this alloy-steel hybrid structure, but it’s thought that the EV and GTI are the leading candidates. Even in its standard form, the new Golf is as light as the Mk4 model from the late 1990s, even though it is much safer in a collision.

The Golf will be one of the first VW Group cars to be based on the radical new MQB platform and its standardised components. MQB can be stretched all the way from underpinning the Polo supermini to the executive-sized Passat. It comes with its own bespoke factory and production lines, which will be rolled out across the world.

Among the Golf’s hi-tech options will be an 8in iPad-style dashboard touchscreen, adaptive cruise control, driver fatigue detection, 360deg parking sensors and Park Assist 2, a semi-autonomous system that can park the car in a tight supermarket-style space.


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13 February 2012

Heavens... I hope it doesn't end up looking like that. VW are getting a bit Apple-ish with their what now seems like bi-monthly revamps!! Does the current Golf *really* need to be changed again? Just drop the new engines in - I'd be happy!

13 February 2012

[quote Autocar] Park Assist 2, a semi-autonomous system that can park the car in a tight supermarket-style space. [/quote]

Still doesn't solve the issue of how you get out of the car though.........

I trust all of this extra electronic guff will be either in the high end models or optional? This throwing of electronics at cars is getting a little over the top now.

13 February 2012

Looks like they've seen sense and got rid of the stupid 1.4 turbo supercharged pile of junk engine.

13 February 2012

Plug-in hybrid and an electric model another nail in the coffin for hydrogen power me thinks.

13 February 2012

[quote TegTypeR]This throwing of electronics at cars is getting a little over the top now[/quote]

The only fancy electronics we need is for the car to tell us what part is faulty.

13 February 2012

So they've got until September to style it? or is that it? We really do buy anything with a German badge on it don't we...

13 February 2012

Considering that the original Golf was a light, simple "people's car", do we really need what is effectively a range of complex and expensive supercars capable of self parking and lapping the Nurburgring at breakneck speeds?

People who would have bought an original Golf will surely buy a Polo or an Up, or look towards Skoda or the Koreans to provide their ordinary motoring needs.

13 February 2012


What's radical about it, then?

13 February 2012

I agree with others above: too much in the way of fancy electronics that one never uses is tiresome. Just give me a great handling, great performing, family car that looks good. Not something cluttered with electronics. E

13 February 2012

Im not looking for a new car for 12 - 18 months. Mark 9 Golf for me then.


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