New Kiyora concept to form basis for new Mazda 1 microcar
4 September 2008

Mazda will add a city car to its line-up based on this new concept, the Kiyora, which will be unveiled at the Paris show. Due in 2010, it will be first Mazda to incorporate the firm's new green technology, including new small-capacity direct injection petrol engines. Mazda Europe boss James Moir has said the car "is our number one priority," and Mazda admits that the company is missing out on city car sales at a time when small, economical cars are more popular than ever.

>> See more pics of the Mazda Kiyora

The new addition to the range, likely to be called the 1, will be built on a chopped down Mazda 2 platform and share many of its mechanicals.

Company insiders say that the eventual production car is likely to be a 2+2 'like a Smart with more flexibility.' The car will also use some of the new technology used in the Kiyora to increase efficiency; the concept features a turbocharged direct injection petrol engine, with stop/start, which will make production.

Mazda is also working on reducing the weight of its future models, and the engineers working on the small car project have a target weight of 900kg.

Mazda design boss Laurens van den Acker claims that the 1 will be one of the company's most extravagent designs and have a wilder look than any of Mazda's current line up, especially in the cabin. 'We need more dramatic interiors especially on small cars and the Paris concept will show that.'

Chas Hallett

Our Verdict

Mazda 2

Back in 2008 the Mazda 2 was voted World Car of the Year. Considering the car’s engineering thoroughness and individuality, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

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4 September 2008

If only it would end up looking just like the pictures...

4 September 2008

A tiny city car that can barely seat 4 people and it has a target weight of 900kg??

I love small cars, one of the main reasons being their relative lack of weight, but that seems a bit lardy to me.

My 205 gti only weighs 760kg, can seat 5, with a reasonable boot and can eat any of the new hot hatches for breakfast.

Admittedly, I wouldn't fancy my chances of crashing in one...

4 September 2008

[quote macaroni]My 205 gti only weighs 760kg[/quote]

Are you sure about that Macaroni, bearing in mind that according to Lotus an Elise currently weighs 860kg before any options are added. The Elise I bought 11 years ago was quoted at 720kg, and that illustrates what has happened in general. Even Elise buyers now (apparently) need some creature comforts, and when you add in the extra safety features you end up with a porky lightweight. (Maybe they should have called it the Lotus Oxymoron).

Maybe Gordon Murray will be able to balance the weight vs. safety equasion when his promised city car hits the streets, but in the meantime Mazda are just doing their best bearing in mind peoples expectations and current legislation.


4 September 2008

I agree!! I think the IQ is a disappointment looks wise. If car companies really want to change people's thinking and attitude to cars and change the way we drive and get us into smaller, lighter cars, then a radical change in the way cars look is exactly the thing we need. If this Mazda was produced looking just like this concept, I think people would wake up to the fact that cars are changing. Manufacturers don't want to alienate customers with radical styling (or what they deem to be radical) but I think they need to go beyond radical!!

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