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Supercharged engine makes the new Micra faster and cleaner

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Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is a supermini offering low running costs but in most other areas is below the class average

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6 August 2010

a 97bhp 1.2 supercharged? i was convinced they were doing a 1.0 105bhp ish supercharged, maybe i have been dreaming.

6 August 2010

Sounds good, I'm sure we will all be driving smaller engined cars in the not too distant future. Just a pity that Nissan have chosen to make the Micra such a boring looking car, after all we know they can do "interesting" as the Juke proves.

Enjoying a Fabia VRs - affordable performance

6 August 2010

The micra in japan has always had a 4wd version, i wonder if nissan continues to push its models more universally we will see the 4wd micras in Europe. would give them a chance at a possible WRC entry too, unless they use the Juke.


wiki info:

"The HR10DDT is a 1.0 L dual direct injected, supercharged, turbocharged, straight-3 engine anticipated for use in the 2010 Nissan Micra [1] ."

thats the engine i was expecting.

6 August 2010

Why the 6 month wait for the supercharged version, why cannot Nissan bring into Europe when they launch the car in November.

Also why change the cut-in speed from 1300rpm to 2000rpm, surely this will mean there is a bit of a step when it does cut in.Why let Autocar try a car that is not representative of what will be used in production.


6 August 2010

[quote Wingroad]Also why change the cut-in speed from 1300rpm to 2000rpm[/quote]

What's the point in having a supercharger that cuts in at 2000rpm ! The small IHI turbo in my T-Jet comes in around 1800rpm and turbo's are more efficient ! Why change it from 1300rpm !

8 August 2010

I adored the last Micra styling,funky,original and really fresh...Seriously what the F**K have Nissan done with this ancient looking car??

I hate the styling of the Joke sorry "Juke" but at least they are trying!!

I remember when cars use to be design rather than passed through the major intestines!!

8 August 2010

Would it not make more sense to turbo charge the 1.2 ? like VAG did ?.

I would have thought a turbo would be better for a small engine like this ?

10 August 2010

I can't believe that they're making the supercharger not kick in until 2000rpm. The whole point of a supercharger is the quicker response than a turbo due to it being running at all times when the engine is - why get rid of this feature?!

[quote Autocar]initial impressions are positive. While the engine still has an unmistakable three-cylinder thrum, the supercharger is all but inaudible.[/quote]

Where are your petrol heads? The sound of a supercharger is there to be enjoyed, not masked!!

11 August 2010

Hear, hear Stavers! The two main advantages of a supercharger as opposed to a turbo. are (a) instant boost, NO lag, and a less hostile working environment,i.e your compressor isn't mounted in an incandescent gas flow. And"inaudible" except for a gentle whine under hard acceleration? I should think you'd hear a very loud whine from the usual wrinkly Micra passenger if you gave it the berries!

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