From £7,495
The sweet spot in the range with fewer compromises for its price and size than any rival

Our Verdict

The Kia Picanto is a mature and likeable city car capable of challenging the class’s best

  • First Drive

    Kia Picanto 1.25 Halo

    As good as any other Picanto to use and drive, but pricing is optimistic despite a full kit list
  • First Drive

    Kia Picanto 1.2 Ecodynamics

    The sweet spot in the range with fewer compromises for its price and size than any rival

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16 May 2011

Save yourself £3,000 (will buy a couple of years' petrol) and get a Hyundai i10 Classic with a/c as standard

16 May 2011

I've got to say, it's growing on me. I'd have to sit in and test-drive one though...

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16 May 2011

Is... Is that steering wheel smiling at me?

16 May 2011

[quote tuga]Is... Is that steering wheel smiling at me?[/quote]

My thoughts exactly. Looks like an evil grinning clown. I'll take an i10.

16 May 2011

[quote Johnny English]Is... Is that steering wheel smiling at me?[/[/quote]

[quote Johnny English] Looks like an evil grinning clown[/quote]

I wondered what the Hell are these guys talking about then looked at the interior pictures............................ Hold my hand someone. I'm frightened.

[quote Johnny English]I'll take an i10.[/quote]

I'd have the i10 too. My Mum has one and they're every bit as brilliant as the motoring press say.

16 May 2011

This looks a lot better without the side skirts all the photos of the pre-launch models showed.

Agree totally about the steering wheel, and are those some sort of loose covers on the backs of the rear seat and its base?

16 May 2011

I'd rather have the Hyundai i10 Active. That would save about £2k. OK, I'd have to shell out £20 for my tax disc, but I'd take the hit. I'd also be happier to live with the interior. The steering wheel on the Picanto reminds me of Papa Lazaru's mouth, from The League of Gentlemen.

I will, however, reserve judgement until after I've road tested one at my local dealer. It may look better in the flesh.

17 May 2011

Looks like a good litle car .

I recently Hired an i10 for a week and was very impressed by it . So this sister car will dobtless be as good . For all the Korean doubters out there I say dont knock it till you have tried it and keep in context .

ie a cheap runabout car that is refined and unlikely to go wrong .

17 May 2011

I believe the New Picanto can be a good car but a 1.2 seems out of place on a citycar. Funny that the VW Touran MPV also gets a 1.2-litre motor.

17 May 2011

Why would you want an i10 over this? The picanto looks a million times better than the i10, which to me, good though it is, is a granny car. I like the interior as well, smiling steering wheel apart lol


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