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The Audi Q5 – the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer's rival to the Land Rover Freelander – may not be perfect, but it is a well rounded road-biased off-roader

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11 July 2008

I like it! Best looking SUV in its class, that's for sure. As long as Audi's reputation for quality and finish are intact, this would be the SUV for me .............. ooh er ... depending on where fuel prices go, that is.

12 July 2008

sorry, but this is just another pointless "we've not actually driven this car" article.

12 July 2008

The 'A3 on steroids look is appealling' but so predictable and I doubt very much whether it will be a small car, given how gargantuan the Q7 is. This car is probably not far off the bulk of the seven-seater XC90 or Captiva but with only 5 seats.

12 July 2008

Q5 will be 5cm longer than a Freelander - internal dimensions feel more like a RAV4. The car is in the UK and can be seen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed within the Audi showroom/stand - and yes you can climb all over it. The press pack was released on the 9th July - go to There's 11 pages of information - all you need to mock up a fake test drive. The key question for me is price - I may be tempted. Autocar? Printing a "test drive" and not having driven it? Completely unacceptable. PS. If you do get to Goodwood, try and blag your way into the circuit and a seat as a passenger in the new RS6 - eats R8's for breakfast; 150mph+ on the back straight!:-)

12 July 2008

I did read the article and have to say that it is obvious that you dont want to like the car and therefore obviously dont, to use your closing line

12 July 2008

I agree with Dryfly.

An unpleasant,slightly sneering article, with very little of the real information potential buyers and car enthusiasts want to read. The tone merely meant that I disregarded the opinions of the 'tester' entirely. Result: A non-article.Don't expect me to buy the magazine this week

12 July 2008

Nice try but BMW beats Audi easily.

14 July 2008

Unless dryfly has two identities, Matt Prior still can't stick to the facts. It was another poster who suggested he hadn't driven the car.

But any advantage of road testing is largely lost when the Tester clearly has so many pre-conceived opinions before he opens the car door. The result was not much better than if he hadn't driven it. Perhaps that is what the other poster really meant.

14 July 2008

I'm going to stick up for Matt Prior here. I can't see what any of you are on about. He drove the car, thought it was reasonably good but uninspired, and that's what he wrote.

14 July 2008

Like the new A4/A5 I wanted to like the Q5, but they are all too boring and over priced for what they are (VW's with flashy grills), BMW's X3 beats it hands down. Funny how none of the testers have commented on Audi now fitting top hung throttle pedal's just like most of the other cheap brands, everyone knows that prestige manufacturers and sports cars always have proper floor mounted pedels.



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