I was disappointed to hear this morning that the Alfa Romeo Mito GTA may be canned. I saw this car at the Geneva show and although it was officially a concept it looked ready to go to me.

It also looked absolutely bonkers. The insanely aggressive looks were way over the top but appealed to my love of lairy hot hatches. The looks, however, were completely outshone by the craziest feature of all: the power.

The GTA was due to get Fiat's all-new 1.8-litre turbocharged engine, equipped with direct injection and variable valve timing, and was expected to produce a hefty 240bhp. Bearing in mind the Mini Cooper JCW has one of the best front-drive chassis around and uses all of its 208bhp to try and ping you into a hedge, the GTA sounds like it would have been a riot.

Engineers worked to reduce the GTA's weight, as well as dropping its centre of gravity. Higher components, such as the rear spoiler, the roof and the door mirrors were produced from carbonfibre in the concept. All this and Alfa spoke of offering the car for £2000 less than the JCW.

Something inside me says the GTA would have been, and may still be, a flawed gem that had far more power than it ever needed. But at the same time it is utterly desirable.