image83188538.jpgThe S2000 207 we are campaigning in this year's IRC, started life as a 3 door 207 road car. We then modify the car to enable it to compete on all the different types of rally stages. Peugeot started the 207 S2000 project back in March 2006 when it showed a concept car the Peugeot 207 R Cup at the Geneva Motorshow.

Many journalists wrote that the car was a tease for the 207 GTi but it was in fact Peugeot's next rally car.

Unlike WRC cars the S2000 cars are much nearer there production based models.

The main differences are:- A normally aspirated engine so less forgiving than a turbo charged WRC car.- A control 4 wheel drive system which must be used by all teams- As the cars are designed to be used by customers, and not by a works team. All the parts are designed to be very durable, easy to adjust and not too expensive.

If you wanted to buy a Peugeot S2000 in Tarmac trim it would cost you 20,500 Euros excluding VAT.

The biggest challenge in creating the car was to adapt the 207 bodyshell to accept the control transmission system.All the parts for the car are specific except for a few parts like bearings, screws which have been taken from the 307 WRC car.