Does £60,000 buy you the best sports saloon in the world? The new Jaguar XF-R costs £100 shy of this, and provides one of the most astonishingly complete sporting saloon performances that you could hope to experience.

It’s not merely that it is fast of course, though with a 0-62mph time of 4.7sec, a 50-70mph time of just 1.9sec, it is certainly that. Nor is it the fact that its active differential allows it to transmit a mighty 461lb ft of torque to the ground with such seamless precision, or that its brakes allow it to drop speed with seatbelt-stretching reassurance.

Instead, it’s the precisely controlled, effortless athleticism of the Jaguar XFR that makes such an impact, and the ease with which you can harness more than 500bhp and feel utterly safe deploying it.Potent brakes are one reason, the electro-mechanical differential another - this is not your compromised ABS-in-reverse system - along with ESP that allows a window of entertainment within its protective walls.

The Jag’s ride is sometimes firm and its thirst potentially troubling, but this is a refined car that can play the unobtrusive mile-eater to pretty convincing effect, and it’s this dual personality that makes it, for my money, the best sports saloon out there.