So here are some more facts about the Veyron Super Sport with which you can amaze/disgust/enlighten/bore/inform and/or entertain your friends at the next dinner party (delete where applicable please).

When Bugatti first went to Michelin to specify tyres that would remain safe at 252mph (the regular Veyron’s official top speed), Michelin said it could produce a special tyre that could be fitted if and when owners wanted to have a crack at the top speed.

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But Bugatti insisted that Michelin come up with a set of tyres that could be used 365 days a year and still be good for 252mph – and so at great expense Michelin came up with the perfect tyre. Since then, just 13 owners have actually done over 250mph in their cars, meaning that the other 245 Veyrons out there are fitted with tyres that are massively over-engineered. And that’s just the way Bugatti wanted it.

The tolerances for the exterior panel gaps on the Veyron SS are plus or minus two tenths of one milimetre; virtually zero in other words. This is at the specific request of VW’s uber-Field Marshall-in-chief, Ferdinand Piech, who apparently has a bit of a thing about panel gaps.