I must admit that I’ve struggled to ‘get’ VW’s reborn Scirocco. It looks a little ungainly in photos, like a Golf that’s been squished during transit, and its mechanical make-up is, well, not different enough from VW’s bread-and-butter-mobile, on paper at least.

But a couple of hours in commute (and a bit of a B-road thrash) have been enough to convince me.

I tried the 2.0-litre turbocharged model with the DGS dual-clutch gearbox, and while I’d ditch the transmission in favour of a regular six-speed stick, the rest of the package made more sense than I’d expected.

The steering has the same finely grained quality that made it such a hit in the Mk5 Golf GTI, the trick adaptive dampers do actually offer two different types of car (for once), and the two-litre lump has plenty of torque and revs cleanly. True, the cabin isn’t quite different enough from a Golf’s for me, but it’s still a very pleasant place to spend time.