I have something of budget used car obsession, and recently I have discovered how affordable the Subaru Forester is. I now can’t stop thinking about it.

There are plenty of cheap four-wheel drive vehicles worth consideration if you’re after winter transport, but the Forester is the ultimate cheap buy. After all, for many buyers a four-wheel-drive is very much a seasonal/on-demand thing that isn’t needed for much of the year.

So why spend a lot, when you can buy an early Subaru Forester for less tha £1000. Granted, for this you’ll be buying high mileage (think over 200,000), but inch up the market slightly and you’ll find less heavily used examples for not much more, and £2k will buy you a really clean one.

Not only is this utilitarian wagon cheap, it’s also got a classless image, a seriously effective four-wheel drive system and a good reputation for reliability.