Skoda’s done it again. This is a brand that doesn’t have one model in its entire range (Roomster Scout excepted and gratefully forgotten) that I wouldn’t recommend to my nearest and dearest, and the new Yeti continues the trend.

It has a ride and handling combination that should have every mainstream rival sitting up and paying attention, a functional, high-quality interior, some class-leading engines and the ability to go further off road than any sane person would choose to go without a winch and a satellite phone.

But I don’t think you’ll see many leave the showroom. Even Skoda only predicts around 3000 sales in the UK in the first year. The problem is that this car’s design makes it a niche product despite the fact that actually, given that pricing is likely to start at £14k, it is more talented and versatile than most of the more conventional big sellers in its price range.

Associate ed Hilton Holloway drove a pre-production Yeti and described it as “the all-terrain vehicle that 95 per cent of people need.”

Read Hilton Holloway’s Skoda Yeti review here

Having driven it I think he’s right. But I disagree with his suggestion that the Yeti could sell more than predicted.