What’s your take on the increasing presence of electronic drivers aids in our cars? Does the idea of multi-stage traction control and systems that enable you to alter the steering and suspension settings on the move make you recoil in techno-phobic horror? Or does this kind of thing turn you on?

One of the best examples of the moment is the Mercedes E63 AMG. By playing with the numerous switches down by this car’s gearlever you can choose from three different damper settings, four different gearbox modes and three different programs for the ESP and traction-control systems.

If you then choose the “AMG Performance Package” option you can further tweak the chassis in all three of its suspension modes. Which is either deeply wonderful or completely unnecessary, depending on your take of the situation.

For some, being able to swap between different gearbox and suspension programs will be far too much to deal with. Just the mere fact that there are paddles behind the steering wheel, rather than a nice wooden-topped lever between the crumply leather seats, will be sufficient to send some people into apoplexy.