When an interested observer sees the BMW 5-series GT for the first time, it triggers a lot of head scratching. This morning the guy at the car wash – who sees a lot of very smart cars – told me it was the first example he’d seen. He was also trying to get his head around it. ‘It’s sort of like an X6’ was his best attempt.

But I’ve just spent six days in Autocar’s long-term test GT, covering everything from airport duties to a long sprint up to, around, and back from Lancashire. And it makes sense to me.

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Although it’s a very big car, the raised driving position makes it easy to place and the sense of calm and relaxation delivered by the driving position is quite uncanny. Journeys that I would have normally broken with a 10 minute stop, I demolished in one. BMW really have delivered something truly different in the lightness and airiness of the cabin.

The seats fitted to this car are also something else, As well as the electrically-extendable squabs, the seat back pivots about halfway up, allowing the headrest to right up against your head as well as properly supporting your shoulders.