Now that we have got back to the UK the next job for the team is to get ready for the Rally Show at Chatsworth.

If you have wondered what the difference is between a S2000 car and WRC car, come to the show and see our Peugeot 207 in action. We will be running a number of demonstration runs both on Saturday and Sunday. Also we hope to run in the Nation Cup against the WRC cars.

Well with the debate still going on about future WRC car specification perhaps we will at least get a look at the performance difference of past and current cars and S2000. We think the S2000 is a perfect car for future rallying and if the only changes to a WRC car are mainly a turbo charged engine, why both? We need one category of car and S2000 as it is should be the future. What do you think?

Watch the action from our last win in the Azores by logging onto