I do love an infographic. It’s like the Internet for grown ups, or for those who didn’t even bother to get dial-up.

So I was fascinated by the infographic that stolen vehicle recovery specialist Tracker sent out which updated me on the £859,500 worth of vehicles the company's devices recovered in July 2014 alone.

What the little pictures told me is that three arrests had been made, which is jolly good. However 19 of the 44 'stolen recovereds' had actually been nicked with their keys.

That is slightly depressing. We should take rather better care of our keys. Even though it is possible for nearby thieves to log all the digital information in the ether and nick our cars anyway. That would account for the other 25 then.

We do need to go back to basics.

Perhaps the simplest deterrent is to keep a yappy dog in the house? You know, the terriers that jump up at the window and go bonkers when all you want to is park nearby.

I think we need a return to great big lumps of metal bolted to steering wheels, or maybe just exterior wheels. At the very least we need an ignition cut off. I’ve gone for those on my older motors.