Our Smart's gone and I'm going to miss it. Not all of us have been smitten, mind you.

SMART-SPRICE-059 The Fortwo's much improved but still slightly jerky sequential gear shift irked quite a few of us, so did the occasionally crashy town ride.

But I've enjoyed it. I enjoyed learning how to get the best out of it  - that 'box requires some work - and I've enjoyed not taking up any more space on the road than strictly necessary. It's also got those increasingly rare commodities: uniqueness and character.

More than this I've relished having what could well be a glimpse of the future. If you take the view that more of us are going to be using 'mission specific' cars - then the Smart fits the bill.

After all, during the week I rarely need more than a two-seat tiddler to ferry me about. So no it's not perfect, but I can see something like it being a permanent fixture in my house before too long.

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