Took the 1M on a 300-mile road trip yesterday, down to a place called Sandwich in Kent, where there’s a certain golf competition being played out on quite a famous golf course.

There were four of us in the car and the roads were heaving most of the way there, and pretty much all of the way back. But it was the perfect opportunity to see how the 1M might perform – or otherwise – as a cruiser; because I’m already well aware that as a bruiser it has few rivals at the price.

The answer was: quite well overall, sort of, although there were a couple of issues that I hadn’t noticed before, but with which I’m just going to have to put up and shut up I suppose.

The first was a quite naughty exhaust boom when cruising, at precisely the sort of speed and revs that I happen to like to cruise at on a quiet, dry, well-lit UK motorway. Possibly this was exacerbated by the fact that there were four people and a fair bit of luggage on board, which meant there was more load going through the driveline generally, or maybe I just hadn’t noticed it before somehow.

Either way, it made conversation just about impossible to sustain at our chosen cruising speed – to a point where we ended up not bothering and listening to the radio instead. Which was a shame.