Are you Colin Goodwin? As you might imagine, living in the same town as Autocar’s infamous agony uncle, letter writer to the stars of the car industry and all-round good egg has its moments.

It seems that even if the locals haven’t worked out what he looks like, they know what he does – be it with cars or aeroplanes.

So when this person saw the somewhat incongruous sight of a Renault Twizy wafting down the High Street he assumed it had to be our Our Col.

Still, he hid his disappointment well when I let him down, and proceeded to rattle off about 50 questions about the Twizy – as a keen cyclist he was keen to find out about what it could do.

I told him what I could after my three-mile commute – that it’s intuitive, fun, capable, but that its ride is too firm for comfort, it is too wide to squeeze between traffic and that at nigh-on £7k it is on the pricey side.

In summary, though, I concluded that it had unique charms that would make a small niche of buyers very happy.

“People analyse these things too much,” he said. “Everything has a price put on it these days, to the point that we’ve forgotten that we can own things for reasons other than value for money.