Britain may be the spiritual home of the niche car maker, but it still takes an unusually brave person – or group of people – to set up a new marque. For every Ariel there’s a dozen ventures that have arrived in a blaze of publicity and faded away without turning a wheel.

All credit, then, to the team at Zenos, who have not only created a car that is both enthralling to drive and innovative in its design but who have also done so to a budget and with a seemingly sound financial plan behind them.

In many ways, it should be no surprise that Zenos has succeeded thus far; co-founders Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards used to run Caterham, after all. But nor should their familiarity with their subject detract from the enormity of their team’s achievements to date.

Of course, the challenges have just started, with early customers wanting their cars delivered and the order books waiting, ready to fill. But make no mistake: Zenos’s success to date is a great demonstration of British innovation at its best.