When Land Rover launched the Range Rover, 42 years ago, and changed SUVs forever, the car was received with such rapture that its debut became a huge nationwide event. The excitement, and the unprecedented buyer demand, went on for well over a year. 

We believe the hoop-la is about to be repeated, for the very good reason that the new Range Rover, which promised so much when its radical, weight-saving specification was revealed a couple of months ago, has proved in our first road testing to be just as much of a rule-breaker as the hallowed original.

For the first time, our testers say, the Range Rover loses weight, and its handling and its all-round efficiency show big benefits as a result. For the first time, the words “impressive fuel consumption” can be associated with a Range Rover, a machine which not so long ago was tantamount to OPEC’s best friend.