Now and then we play a little game called 'What the hell has Ruppert bought now?'. The winning answer gets an e-book, or some saucy pictures of Shed 7 or something.

Actually, we are going to be playing this a couple of times in the coming weeks because there are major automotive upheavals in these parts, and I've been forced to rearrange what is on my driveway.

To begin with, I had to buy a first car for my offspring. We spent a fascinating day shopping on several windswept forecourts. My encounters with the motor trade were the usual mixture of marginal product knowledge, under-enthusiasm and occasional indifference. 

The lack of preparation of cars that were for sale was quite shocking. I know that things can get busy, but a wash and brush up and knowing where the motor came from and the mileage, and whether the cam belt has been done should be the basics, really.