Far from the madding crowd in Valencia and all the pent-up excitement surrounding the new F1 car launches, events in Germany seem to be casting something of a worrying shadow over the future plans concerning the country’s most famous race track, the Nurburgring.

It seems that a number of F1 teams have received e-mails suggesting that all is not right and proper in the relationship between the German government and the Lindner hotel group which has plans to re-develop the venue.

The email, sent by one of the traditional established hotels in the area claims: “Germany invested over 400 million euro of taxpayers money in concrete buildings nobody needs and which fundings are based on false visitor numbers. In fact the Nurburgring is bankrupt since the maximum turnover is not even enough to pay the interest on the loans of this new investment.

“New elections in 2011 meant politicians needed to clean up. Therefore the state of Germany decided to GIVE AWAY the Nurburgring to a hotel chain by the name of Lindner. After all these losses, the state of Germany is still telling that they made the right decision and everything will be back in profit soon now.