“It was a poster of a ’79 911 Turbo. I remember as a kid that car was my dream car. That’s what got me into cars.”

Patrick Dempsey is a man that needs little introduction. Star of the show Grey’s Anatomy, he’s a global celebrity, heartthrob and regular face on the front covers of magazines. But sitting here in his Demspey Racing motor home, he’s just another car nut.

“In Europe I reckon more people know me for my racing than acting,” he says. “It’s different to the States.”

While I don’t doubt that here, in the paddock of Silverstone on the day before the opening round of the 2016 World Endurance Championship, Dempsey is seen as a fellow racer, I suspect he’s slightly less likely to be mobbed for his achievements on track than his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd when out on the streets.