Am I alone in finding the set of circumstances which will see two separate Lotus teams lining up on the starting grid in Australia this coming weekend more than a little bizarre?

Whether you agree with me on this or not, the story took another convoluted twist this week, adding another dimension to the High Court battle scheduled to start today over whether Group Lotus, sponsors of the Renault F1 team, or Tony Fernandes’s Team Lotus, have the rights to use the iconic Lotus name.

Now it has emerged that Fernandes is locked in a bitter battle with his supposed supporter David Hunt, brother of late world champion James, and the man who bought the Team Lotus name from the administrators when the original team went bust at the end of 1994.

It was understood that Fernandes had agreed terms to purchase the naming rights for Team Lotus earlier in the year, but it was reported in the Daily Telegraph that it is claimed Fernandes has gone back on the agreement.  It is also being suggested that Fernandes has taken the decision to sue Hunt for defamation in the last week.

“All I’m looking for is for Tony to stick to his word and honour our agreement,” said Hunt. “If he doesn’t then regrettably I don’t see why I should continue to provide assistance and this trial won’t be the last battle he’s facing, even if he wins.”