Went to Le Mans for the eighth time in 28 years - and had the best time at La Sarthe I can ever remember. The thing you find yourself liking instantly about this place is that it is run on entirely different lines from the park-in-straight-lines-because-Bernie's-watching ethos of F1, a nice change.

RD2_5485[1] At Le Mans, ordinary people seem to be in charge. There's chaos at times, but mostly it's short-term. Things work. (Mind you, I wasn't thinking this yesterday afternoon when some clown of an official decided he needed to back up the departing traffic by scanning every pass-holder's barcode...)

The racing was brilliant. Aston versus Corvette was close and ended well for the vast British contingent, even if the Vettes will always win our affection and respect for their fabulous exhaust notes. I was beside the circuit for all but six hours' slumbering time, and found something interesting to watch at all times.