Charming bloke is Jaime Alguersuari. You’d think Formula One drivers would get sick of sitting down in front of journalists on sponsor events, answering the same questions over and over again.

I’m sure deep down he felt like that in the four and a half minute chat I had with him last week, but he didn’t show it. He gave real thought to his answers and was surprisingly open about the adversity (money and good looks excluded) he’s come up against in his short F1 career to date.

Below are the answers to some of the questions you asked him through, Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy.

Evo_ermine – how much time do you spend at the Toro Rosso factory?Jaime Alguersuari – During the season we have so many commitments with racing, media and sponsors, so there’s never really time to go there. I’ll maybe go three or four times during the season.

During the pre-season, we’ll visit eight or nine times for seat fittings and discussions with engineers on the car’s progress. When we need to use the simulator, we’ll use the Red Bull one in Milton Keynes.Virgin Power – do you feel pressure from the other Red Bull drivers?JA – Pressure is something you build yourself. You need to live with it and it’s natural in life to create your own pressure and find a way to deal with it. The only pressure that is valuable is mine.

This season so far has been pretty good. We can still get better and have recently made big progress with race pace and consistently.

Douglas J Walker – are there any driver aids you’d like to see legalised again?JA -  It’s difficult to stay. I’m happy with FIA and F1 with the rules at moment. F1 is an innovative sport and always has something new to showcase. We are the example to the rest of the world.

I’m missing testing - and that’s a big thing - but not anything else.

Ayrton Atif – who is the best driver on the grid?JA – Me. I would say me. It’s difficult to say who’d win if you gave us all equal cars as every racing driver needs a different car that responds to different driving styles.

Bem Ho – will there be a Chinese driver in F1 soon?JA - Anything can happen, so why not? If the school and education of Chinese drivers is there, than of course it could happen.And one from myself – what road car do you drive?JA - A Seat Leon Cupra R. [Me – I drive a Seat Leon too, an Ecomotive one.] Oh. I have 300 horsepower.