Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but few people have kind words to say about the noses on the current crop of F1 cars.

Here in Jerez this morning, we got to see some less unappealing solutions to the new regulations, which have been introduced to lessen the chances of a driver being hurt in a side impact.

Mercedes has shown an elegant solution, while Red Bull has found a middle ground, and taken the sensible option of painting the oddest part of the protrusion black, in an effort to render it less visible in pictures.

Trouble is, laudable though the safety aim is, Formula 1's rule makers have managed to create a situation once again in which the world's most expensive sport makes itself a laughing stock.

No sooner were the Toro Rosso or Force India unveiled than social media was adorned with pictures of proboscis monkeys, Gonzo the Muppet and, well, worse.

It seems churlish to complain when we've spent recent years moaning that all the cars look the same. And it's true, we probably will get used to them in time.

But for all its claims to technical excellence and mind-bending capabilities, you do have to marvel most of all – once again – at the sport's penchant for making itself seemingly a bit of a joke.