No, it is ‘cos he has lost the plot slightly and started driving like a mentalist.

Even so, I feel for Lewis Hamilton, I really do. You can tell that he’s driving the wheels off the thing in an attempt to make it go quicker than it has any right to. But unfortunately, the results aren’t always arriving, and understandably Lewis is getting frustrated – inside and out of the car – as a result.

The interesting thing for me is watching what Jenson Button is up to in The Other Car. There’s a measure of calmness about Jenson’s demeanor that Lewis could do worse than learn from every once in a while. Jenson looks like he’s playing the long game this year – whereas Lewis is, and always will be you suspect, very much a now-now-now kind of driver.

As to which one you’d put your money on, it depends which version of Lewis Hamilton turns up on whichever weekend you might be talking about; the one wearing what appears to be heavy disguise, blinged-up to the nines, bearded and full of misplaced bravado; or the more considered, seemingly less feisty version who, when he climbs into the car and gets down to work, makes not a single mistake all weekend. And blows the rest of the grid clean into the weeds.