Forgive me for returning to an issue already covered on this site by Steve Cropley, but British motorsport fans have just one week left to take part in an amazing opportunity to benefit the sport.

Back in February, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport opened a public consultation on a proposal to authorise motorsport events on public roads. That would be a major step for the sport in Britain. While it is perfectly possible to close a road at the moment, it takes an Act of Parliament to suspend the Road Traffic Act. And securing an Act of Parliament is incredibly difficult.

Only three events in Britain have secured such an Act of Parliament. Organisers of the two most recent events to secure such an Act – the Mull and Jim Clark rallies – both spent close to a decade, and considerable expense, to secure the right to hold rally stages on public roads.

The Government proposals would give greater power to local councils to approve closed-road motorsport events. It would still be a difficult process, but it would make running closed-road motorsport events far more achievable. That would be a huge shot in the arm for grassroots British motorsport. And make no mistake: these proposals are all about motorsport at the grassroots.