Rumour has it that Formula One won’t make it to Donington next year. I have good reason to think that might be a good thing.

MotoGP is the biggest event currently hosted at Donington. This year the two-wheeled equivalent of Formula One pulled in 140,000 people, with 90,000 on race day. Over 10,000 people camped for the whole weekend, and most of them got there before me.

When I did arrive, at 7pm on the Friday, I was told to park in a field and go and queue for a wrist band to gain entry. Fine.

But the only way through to the queue was either by walking all the way out onto the road or through a hedge, so naturally everyone went through the hedge. We queued. Then, having almost been run over by the supposed ‘emergency response teams’ in Nissan Navaras that regularly tore through the muddy campsites, we entered the campsite, which already resembled a wealthy and well established refugee camp.

After discovering that there was no order to the camping (and therefore the early arrivers had staked out acres of gazebos and wind breaks), we pitched our tent on the edge of the mud path and hoped that we wouldn’t get run over in the night by an errant ‘emergency response unit’.