My colleague Darren Moss has written a piece on asking where you will find some great driving roads.

“Lesser-spotted parts of Wales and Scotland” is usually the best answer, and if you live in either of those places, happy days. But I’ve always thought it’s worth seeking out something close to home, too. Unless you live in lesser-spotted Wales or Scotland, it’s hard to say to the other half, “I’m just popping out for a drive” and find roads like those without being gone for half a day or more.

It’s worth it if you do, granted. There are lots of decent drivers in Scotland, too – plenty of Subarus and hot hatches and drivers with good spatial awareness and generous attitudes to overtaking, I usually find. Not that I drive particularly quickly on the road, for every obvious reason.

But vast stretches of empty road and breathtaking views can’t be had everywhere, and a lot of modern driving is dull. Which is why it’s worth finding a route close to home along which you can get something back from a car. Every area has at least one. You can divert to that road on the way home, or on the way to the shops, to relieve some of the tedium, even if only for a couple of miles, to remind yourself what’s good about driving. The best driving road, as with so many things, is the one you’ll actually use.

Reminded myself of a good route last week on a job with a Ferrari 488 GTB and a McLaren 650S. The A39, north Exmoor, is a beautiful piece of road in a beautiful area and with some lovely locals. One told me about the Lyn Valley Classic, a car show in Lynton/ Lynmouth on 12 June. I said I’d mention it here. So I have.