Not what would Santa drive. You see, Santa is as real to me as Sir Steve Cropley. I also reckon after all these years he is planning to give Rudolf and his mates a bit of a rest. If that concept is a bit hard to swallow for you ultra traditionalists, then maybe this is what he drives when he isn’t delivering prezzies.

The only rule is, it has to be a secondhand car, or a well used classic, as I reckon Santa is a bit of a Bangernomicist.

According to a younger member of my household Santa only needs two doors and it must, be a convertible, just like his sleigh. Most important of all though it has to be quick. So for that reason we can think along the lines of a Jaguar XKS. Mind you a Carrera 4 would be a tad more grippy at the North Pole. 

However, my gut feeling is that Santa has a proper old two door Range Rover. It’s a 1972 job so the road tax is free but the tailgate is obviously very, very rusty.

So come on, let’s have a bit of fun at this time of the year and put me out of what does Santa drive.

Oh and just in case you wondered, Steve Cropley and Santa have never, ever been seen in the same sleigh together...