Here are my top 10 car related events of 2012. What are yours?

Driver of the year; Fernando Alonso

Rarely has someone got so much out of a car that was capable of so little, especially at the beginning of the season. He might be a touch impressed by himself on occasions, but Alonso is also one heck of a racing driver. One of the best there’s ever been in my view.

Car of the year; Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series

For me the C63 Black has got it all as a road car. It reminds me of a latter day Lotus Carlton in many ways, in that it looks almost impossibly evil yet has the firepower – and the fundamental capability – to more than back it up. If ever there was a future classic to identify, this is it.

Quote of the year; Dr Ulrich Bez

Unfortunately I can’t actually repeat what he said about the Volkswagen Automotive Group because I’d get sued if I did, but I’m glad that everything seems to be working out for Dr Bez and his beloved Aston Martin. With some healthier funds in place, Aston still has the potential to produce some fireworks. Watch this space in 2013, it’s the 100th anniversary after all...