The VW camper has reached the end of the road. Plenty of us may have thought that it got there years ago but no: the Type 2 Volkswagen – the Beetle was the Type 1 – has been living a long life in Brazil, where they’ve been building various versions of the famous rear-engined van since 1957.

And while the final tally of 3.9 million manufactured is nothing to the unchallenged run of 21,529,464 Beetles, it’s a mighty impressive achievement. 

The cultish box on wheels beloved of back-packers, surfers and anyone after a modish means of carting themselves, their friends and a lifestyle will pass into the afterlife with a final run of 600 limited editions. Finished in pale blue with a white roof and whitewall tyres, they have matching striped vinyl seats and homely blue curtains, but little else by way of comforts apart from an incongruous – though welcome - MP3 player.

What you may also be unaware of is that long-time motorcaravan converter Danbury has been importing these Brazilian-built bay window-style VWs for several years, and will be bagging a handful - probably less than 20 - of these final edition Kombis

They’re certainly not cheap at £42,000 a throw, though neither are the last few of the non-limited edition versions, which start at £32,599. Your basic Kombi people carrier costs £13,500 in Brazil incidentally, before shipping, taxes and modifying it for UK use.