So Chris Evans has signed a three-year deal to present Top Gear.

Should fans of the show be celebrating tonight? Or just the Ferrari PR team, given Evans’s famed love of all cars bearing the Prancing Horse?

I must confess I’m still scarred by Evans' insistence, while writing a car review for a national newspaper last year, that the Toyota Aygo was “appalling” and then just a few weeks later calling the Peugeot 108 - a car that's nearly identical in all but styling - “scrumptious”. 

But tonight I'm reminding myself - repeatedly - that to use that as evidence to suggest he knows nothing about cars would be wrong. As fans will know, Evans has spent a large fortune buying up cars over the years, notably Ferraris and, even more notably, record-breakingly expensive ones.

He also makes a point of using his cars, both by handing them over for people to drive for charitable purposes and because he loves them. I won’t be the first car hack tonight to claim to know someone who knows someone who knows Evans, and the word is that he spends more time lusting after great cars than almost anyone else on the planet, and that he delights in making sure they’re all driven, rather than stored as investments.