So after just 1.5 hours of the 2010 F1 season, we have a McLaren with a dodgy but extremely clever sounding new aerodynamic device, a Red Bull seemingly with driver adjustable ride height, a Senna officially back in F1 – and Michael Schumacher looking as thunderous as we’ve ever seen him, having been soundly trounced by his team mate in the opening session.

Oh yes, and a Force India at the hands of Adrian Sutil faster than the lot of them – although to be honest the times at such an early stage mean not a lot; none of the teams has yet used the soft tyre, no one has any accurate idea how much fuel each team/driver has been running, and the circuit, like the beautiful but rather slow looking new Lotus, is still, as they say, very green.

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Forget the Schuey v Rosberg showdown, that’s just a headline grabber (although Michael did look genuinely cheesed off when he climbed out of the car). The key story is the new scoop that’s appeared o the side of the McLarens.