Time and perspective is all it takes to make clear which of Detroit’s star attractions shines brightest. When you’re at a show, wandering from one unveil to the next, you’re literally bombarded with metal. Time to digest what you’re seeing is exactly what you don’t have.

But having been asked this morning, and having seen what’s been discussed online the most since press day, there’s almost no competition for ‘Star of the Cobo 2009’; the VW Concept BlueSport wins at a canter.

I’ve already written here why I think this car promises so much; it just seems so well judged, skilfully executed and perfectly timed. I’m confident that it’ll be great to drive too.


And, since we’ve looked up VW’s official action footage of the car, you can see it on the road above. Looks even better than it did on the show stand, doesn’t it?

One final note on the new mid-engined VeeDub: VW UK’s promising us a drive of our own in it before too long, so we should be able to report, for certain, whether it really is such a brilliant sports car. Keep your eyes glued to Autocar.co.uk over the next few weeks for our report.