These two monsters - the Ford F250 Super Duty and 411bhp F150 SVT Raptor - were pushed to the bottom corner of the Ford show stand.

The column inches devoted to the greening of the auto industry might give the impression that the old school, heavy duty, V8-engined truck was a dying beast.

Not so. Ford sold 528,000 F-series trucks last year, over 25 per cent of Ford's US annual sales. Overall, last year's US new car market was split roughly 50/50 between passenger cars and open-back trucks.

The full size pick-up market is still the forth largest segment in the US market - accounting for some 1.4m vehicles in a market of 11m for Ford.

Indeed, despite all the talk of downsizing, Ford sources say they expect the full size pick up segment to return to annual sales of two million, by 2015.