In amongst the new Lambo, VW Microbus and that amazing Alfa 4C it’s easy to overlook the Tata Pixel concept. Don’t do that though as I reckon it’s easily one of the stars of Geneva.

Why? Because it’s the first car from the Indian conglomerate that you’d really call attractive. The styling was done at the company’s design centre in Turin and, it’s going to happen. Not with those scissor doors of course- but a production version is on its way.


Autocar got ushered in to the inner sanctums of the Tata show stand to meet with Ratan himself (it’s a bit like how you would imagine meeting the Queen) and although he wouldn’t quite admit it, it’s clear that the idea of a European version of the Nano has been abandoned in favour of this, far sexier proposition.

The company’s engineering director, Brit Tim Leverton told us that such a car for Europe would have the fundamentals of the Nano and so be rear-engined and rear-drive -  ‘the best package for a city car’ - but it would be radically improved. A final production version of the Pixel would come in two wheelbases, depending on whether it was two or four door and could be powered by battery or conventional powertrain.