Taking a test run in that new car you're fancying is a bit different if you're sampling experience occurs at the Moving Motor Show.

Instead of easing out of a dealership, you'll depart the impressive show stand pavilion to edge up to the famous Goodwill Hillclimb start-line.

And the you can absolutely floor the throttle if you're feeling boldly confident, to rocket along the start straight through a beautiful avenue of trees.

Moments later it's a hard brake, before two exciting right-handers that fire you onto the grass-lined straight past Lord March's home towards the infamous blind left that is Molecomb, and the shorter rise to towards the threatening flint wall before bursting out of its tree cover into blazing sunshine (perhaps) and the final two curves and straights to the top.

And then it's a long, gentle amble down through the trees, and a moment for your heart-rate to subside. All of which beats the usual test drive experience.