Land Rover’s Defender DC100 concept, shown off at Frankfurt motor show, could not be anything else, and that’s a very good place to start with the replacement for this legendary vehicle.

That famously simple silhouette, as recognisable on the distant horizon of a Saharan ridge as it is on a Welsh farm, cannot really be messed with.

But it’s hard not to wonder if its pleasingly blocky style isn’t a bit too predictable despite this. The magic of the Evoque lies in the fact that Land Rover has taken a familiar design and given it a twist, providing the Range Rover design lexicon with a new and truly arresting stance.

The DC100, on the other hand, has no such twist beyond chamfered rear corners and a modern, sloping nose, and it’s hard to avoid wondering whether this design pushes the Defender far enough ahead.

True, this successor is unlikely to enjoy a seven-decade life, but it will surely put in a tour of duty much longer than any of Land Rover’s other models, including the now 10-year old Range Rover.

It’s neat, stylish, true to its legacy and looks good in every version, but it’s not quite good enough to truly inspire.

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