Apparently it’s some sort of green awareness day today. Not only do we have to take the bus everywhere, we also have to eat our dinner in the dark. It may well be compulsory and obviously the police may be involved, but I don’t care, I've got a better idea.

I think we should all go out and buy ourselves a great big cheap V8 and enjoy the earth’s resources while we can.

I was rather taken by a ’92 Range Rover the other day at a Land Rover specialist, which I found very reassuring. Plus it was up for just £1200 and looked very tidy. Discussing this with a  motor trade friend we concluded that everyone sees them as just big thirsty old cars, unless they are early three doors or a CSK, but that’s a V8 I’d buy in a shot for its grunting loveliness.

Less noisy would be a LS400, which can easily be bought below £2K or even £1K these days. Obviously the X300 Jags are all over the place too and just for the hell of it you need to own a Jaguar just once in your life.

When it comes to sports cars TVRs are certainly getting cheap and a well-sorted Chimaera for £5K is just what the doctor ordered. Rather more complicated is a 928 and they are fantastically expensive to fix, but again a V8 wrapped up in a very appealing body. Indeed, you could pick up a kit car lash up in a very unappealing plastic body with a V8 which would be fun.