Welcome to our new round-up of the most compelling bargains in the car market at the moment.

Range This week we’re talking SUVs, which have been losing value hand over fist in the last year.

With the credit crunch biting, fuel prices soaring and road tax going through the roof, there’s never been a better time for the brave to jump into owning a fully fledged gas-guzzler.

If you can live with the social stigma – and the fuel costs – then there are some really sweet deals out there.

Take the controversial Cayenne. At these prices, somebody has to. It’s currently the cheapest way into a recent Porsche, and we managed to find a 2003 Cayenne Tiptronic S for just £14,495.

With 68,000 miles showing, a full service history and full leather interior that’s compelling value –and it’s actually £5000 less than its ‘official’ retail price in one well-known trade guide.

Next, the Range Rover. The current version still possesses indisputable country club kudos, and prices of early versions are now plummeting like depressed lemmings.

We were shocked (and delighted) to find a pre-facelift version selling for supermini money: this 02-reg TD6 HSE is being offered for just £12,950, complete with sat-nav. Stick a private plate on it and people will think you spent the thick end of £30K on it.