So I lied. Ahead of this year's Future Car Challenge I described it as the best way of gauging the real world energy use of the latest low emission cars.

What a load of twaddle. Before I'd crossed the startline yesterday morning my blood was pumping and my mind concentrating. I wasn't there to drive normally, I was there to do the best I could.

VW-Golf-Blue-e-motion 1

So it was I dropped into looking as far ahead up the road as possible as I tried to conserve the battery power in the VW Golf Blu-e-motion electric car I was driving (last year's winner, no less). I rolled up to traffic lights, timed my arrival at roundabouts and coasted down hills. Yes, I was a little slow for some people's liking, and perhaps more occasionally than normal I rolled through some 'cherry green' traffic lights a touch after they'd switched from amber.

Truth is, we've all got an eco driver hiding inside us, just waiting to be brought out. On the entire 60-mile journey I only used the foot brake five or six times (yep, rally drivers rejoice, the handbrake is a legitimate eco driving tool in competition) and I cursed having to pull up at traffic lights and waste hard earned momentum.

VW-Golf-Blue-e-motion 2