So, Porsche and Ken are squaring up for a right ding dong about the proposed £25 congestion charge.

I'll leave it to my colleagues to dissect the moral and environmental implications, because I've found a way to drive the best car Porsche makes and still 'get away' with an £8 charge. 

Criminally underrated, the base Cayman not only better subscribes to the original Porsche ideology than any other model, but produces 222g/km of Co2. 

More fitting still, the Cayman only squeezes below the 225g/km limit with a manual gearbox, which surely is the only way to go. 

No doubt the £25 charge is draconian, but would it be so bad if the city boys left their Turbos, Cayennes and GT2s outside the city and appreciated that, just occasionally, less can be more?