Ever get the feeling that the horsepower race is a bit tiresome? A bit too much ‘here’s our new motor. It’s faster than the last one thanks to the application of more power. It’s heavier too, but c’est la vie’? There’s only so much power you can use, right?

It’s at its worst with supercars, but it affects other segments too. Good news hot hatch fans in general, and Renaultsport fans in particular.

Renault’s product manager Beatrice Foucher today told me that the next-generation Renaulsport Clio – which has already been signed-off – has the very same 197bhp as the current car, but weighs less. More speed, less mass. Don’t know about you, but I think this is excellent news.

Foucher also told us that Renault is still keen to revive Alpine, if the right technical solution can be found. “It isn’t decided yet because it’s a dedicated platform and engine and so on,” she said. “But it would be a real Alpine … very sporty and low weight.”

Which also sounds like excellent news but only if, inevitably, the numbers stack up, and there’s no guarantee they will given the development costs. “We are working on it, and Renaultsport is working on it, but it’s not so easy,” Foucher said. So if it comes, it won't be cheap, but we can live in hope.