The current focus of Formula 1 is on the question of whether or not Mercedes and Pirelli did something wrong when they tested new tyres on a 2013 car in the break between the Spanish Grand Prix and Monaco.

A lot of energy is being wasted on the argument. The subtext is that Formula 1 needs to make up its mind about testing, particularly as new regulations are coming in 2014 which will mean that there will be a lot more new things needing to be tried and tested.

In reality, even this is not quite the right argument, as it has long been clear that the teams will always spend money if they deem it to be necessary and they have the money to spend. The only way to change that thought process is to present them with a situation in which they cannot spend more, and then write it into the rules. This boils down to budget restrictions of some kind, with the FIA being the policeman.